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Free 12 point postural assessment

Find out how to solve minor postural issues before they become chronic pain. If you have given birth, work at a desk, do repetitive work or play sport, then this postural assessment could save you years of chronic pain.

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We offer a great range of massage therapies to relax, revive, relieve pain, heal and aid sports recovery and performance.


Massage is as old as mankind itself, and therefore it is impossible to say when and where it was invented. But we can say that the art of massage is recorded in the writings of most, if not all, of the early civilisations, the earliest record being in the Con Fu of the Tao-Tse, written around 3000BC.

Effective & Healing

Now Flix Wellbeing offers a full range of bodywork and massage treatments that have been developed over the centuries to:

Our bodywork therapies have a strong foundation of experience and knowledge of anatomy and physiology, blending traditional and modern techniques.

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