Hot/cold Stone Therapy & Massage

Stone therapy is the application of geothermotherapy using both heated and chilled stones. Stones are a natural store of energy that penetrate, cleanse and soothe deep tissue. When cold they encourage the body's natural processes to draw out excessive toxins and leave the skin refreshed.

Stone Treatments

Full body stone massage, including spinal and chakra layouts

A two part treatment that begins by using the energy from stones to penetrate deeply into the back's deep tissues while chakra stones are positioned on the body's main chakras. You enter a state of deep relaxation and experience the energy healing of the stones. The second part of the treatment consists of a full body massage, including the face, with hot and cold stones.

Neck, back and face stone massage

This is a slow, deep treatment that utilises the stones' energy to de-stress, relax and release tense muscles.

Choose stone therapy if you need:

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